Handling Employee Burnout: August Webcast

Remodel Health Offers Great Insights on Handling Employee Burnout

It is time for the Christian Leadership Alliance August Outcomes Webcast: How to Handle Employee Burnout. This month you’ll learn from the expertise of Remodel Health, our presenter and sponsor.

The reality is that Christian leaders are starting to recognize that co-workers are suffering from employee burnout. The time for considering the prevention of burnout is gone. Our employees—the ones that are still around post-pandemic—are feeling used up, beyond their physical and mental capacities, with very little hope for anything different.

The Call to Be Proactive

The latest studies show one in four employees self-identify as “unhealthy.” It is up to us, as leaders of our institutions, to create and institute intentional systems and opportunities to allow for the healing and growth of our teams.

Proactively ensuring our teams find improved Sabbath routines; providing additional time, space and resources; and more are first steps in making sure the people we rely on to accomplish the mission of our organizations are able to feel healthy and live healthy—mentally, physically and spiritually. Our response as leaders will make or break not only these employees, but also our ability to fulfill our God-given mission

Mark Your Calendars and Register

You don’t want to miss this August Outcomes Webcast presentation by Remodel Health. We are in a time where caring well for our employees is urgent.

Date: Aug 25, 2022

Time: 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Registration Link: Handling Employee Burnout

The Promised Outcomes

Here are the key outcomes you can count on from this learning experience:
• Evaluate the health of our teams;
• Recognize key burnout indicators;
• Encourage routine Sabbath rest;
• Build better intentional connections with our people; and
• Institute low or no-cost tools to improve our organization’s mental health.

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