Power struggles with an experienced leader in my new (corporate) job.

He everyone. I (35yo F) started a new corporate job in May. I come from a heavy sales background, extremely fast paced, where I was compensated based on my performance.

My new job is in internal consulting, and completely new to me. My manager knows this and is understanding.

I’ve encountered “power struggles” with a leader (40m) at work. This guy has been there for 10+ years and is handing off some responsibilities to me.

We are in different time zones, and the work load he is handing over is to negotiate a multimillion $ contract with a foreign entity. I have minimal background on the details, and he constantly cancels meetings last minute, responds to every 3rd email, makes no effort to guide me on how to handle.

At this point, we have a deadline to meet, but he seems to not mind.

My direct boss said that until the knowledge transfer is complete, the responsibility is still his.

My question is - how do I protect myself and my performance without seeming like I’m “telling on him” to my manager ?

How else can I say “I’ve tried to set up times with XXX to review but he rarely answers, doesn’t give direction”

I had another contract handed over to me from another leader and he made sure I knew everything and walked me thru whole process….properly introduced me to the company etc.

If it’s relevant, I make about ~170k/year USD and him and J both report up to different VPs

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