Preservan Wood Rot Repair: A Sustainable Leader In Home Window, Door, and Siding Projects

Wood rot repair service that preserves our built environment

Preservan is a home improvement franchise that specializes in wood rot repair. The business uses their industry-leading epoxy treatment to preserve garage doors, columns, sidings, trim, and decorative moldings by preventing rot and decay.

Preservan is a model sustainable business, one that holds environmental and social responsibility with high regard. By removing the need to replace materials, Preservan is not only saving homeowners money, but they’re also lowering the environmental impact that comes from construction and home renovation projects (e.g. resource demand for new materials and carbon emissions from operating machinery).

“We can’t save our natural environment if we continue to waste our built environment. – Ty McBride, Founder of Preservan

Preservan uses their industry-leading epoxy technology for wood rot repair

Preservan founder Ty McBride grew up in the home-building business where he worked for his family-owned company for over 14 years.

Yet it wasn’t until McBride began a restoration job for a home in Oklahoma City’s Mesta Park in 2014 that everything changed. It was here that the fruits of the Preservan brand came to seed. Over the next two years, McBride continued to research, test, and learn from preservation professionals across the U.S. before launching his own Wood Window Rescue business in 2016.

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Over the years the business expanded into new markets and services. The brand focused on efficiency, sustainability, and technician training. Preservan was born as a convenient and sustainable alternative focused on repairing wood rot on windows, doors, and sidings (plus more) using the brand’s industry-leading epoxy technology.

Preservan’s epoxy technology uses epoxides. Epoxides are organic compounds that make excellent adhesives and surface coatings.

This epoxy technology uses resins plus dyes and molds to eliminate wood rot reducing the need for wasteful, expensive, and inconvenient home renovation projects. In doing, the Preservan system reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions associated with typical renovation and construction projects.

Repairing infrastructure to support a circular economy

Preservan is a business built with sustainability embedded into the heart of operations. That is, by repairing wood rot, the need to replace windows, doors, and other building materials is eliminated. Such a business model reduces the demand for wasteful, expensive, and inconvenient home renovation projects.

The Preservan system reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions caused by typical construction projects. This is a business that looks to repair and NEVER replace. Unlike typical contractors with their lifted trucks, 40-yard dumpsters, and waste materials, Preservan drives fuel-efficient vans and produces less than 1lb of landfill waste per job. Plus, most of their projects are completed in less than 36 hours, which saves the homeowner 90% compared to a replacement renovation project.

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Hence, the brand’s green initiatives are not just marketing and slogans. These initiatives are part of the organization’s franchise agreement.

Extending the sustainability of their operations further, Preservan is a 1% for the Planet member and supports historic preservation and Native American Tribal sovereignty.

For Preservan, sustainability isn’t exclusively focused on safeguarding the environment. Preservan knows that to be sustainable, a brand must also be socially responsible. This means supporting the communities within which the business operates. For instance, the brand treats its customers as neighbors (and refers to them as such) which changes the way business is done. And so their neighbors love and cheer for the Preservan service which aligns well with their ehtics and values.

Preservan is a green business-certified wood rot repair service

Preservan became a green-certified business with the Green Business Bureau because they wanted to join the network of business leaders who are taking environmental and social responsibility seriously, to tackle the most pressing environmental issues such as climate change.

Today, Preservan can showcase their Silver Green Business Bureau certified status via GBB’s online clickable Green Seal of approval. Completed green initiatives include “Purchasing 25-49% of products and services from green-certified or Green Business Bureau vendors”. Hence the business supports suppliers who hold similar values, boosting the sustainability credentials of their value chain.

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Yet despite their sustainability successes, building a more sustainable business hasn’t come without its challenges. Preservan highlights two main challenges the company has faced:

  • Entering a $340 billion global industry (the window, door, and siding industry) has presented unique challenges linked to capturing interest in a large market.
  • Effectively managing their Franchise Agreements, such that every franchise is required to operate in the same sustainable way, and to be a 1% for the Planet member.

Preservan rises to these challenges to lead the window, door, and siding industry with environmental and social responsibility at the forefront of operations.

Preservan is a unique wood rot repair service that saves the ethical consumer money

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Oftentimes, environmental design is associated with more expensive products, which means the buyer has to pay more for a green alternative. Yet, this is not the case at Preservan!

As already mentioned, Preservan’s business offering is designed to save the consumer 90% of a typical renovation project, meaning the business offers an affordable (and sustainable) alternative to the wasteful home renovation industry. Preservan’s neighbors (customers) save money when they purchase from Preservan.

In addition, for Preservan, sustainability isn’t an add-on initiative. The entire business model is designed with sustainability in mind. This is encapsulated in the organization’s mission statement, as exclaimed by Preservan founder Ty McBride:

“We save the future by preserving the past.” – Ty McBride, Founder of Preservan

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