Education is the key that opens new doors of opportunities for a better future. Birla Open Minds Education Pvt. Ltd is helping individuals in doing that across India and around the globe.

The name ‘Birla Open Minds‘ is synonymous with the 4 Cs – Care, Co-operation, Collaboration, and Courtesy. The Birla family is renowned for its focus on education, and its rich heritage of business and philanthropy is reflected in all its endeavors. 

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The Company:

Birla Open Minds Education Pvt. Ltd offers a comprehensive solution for education that envelopes the individual’s learning, right from the formative early years to K-12 schooling. The first Birla Open Minds School commenced its operations in 2010, and today it has spread its wings to 140+ schools across the country. 

They take great pride in possessing a close-knit community of academicians, researchers, and professionals as they focus on providing a world-class education that unleashes creativity and curiosity in every child.

Birla Open Minds aims to produce highly skilled individuals and innovative thinkers. Their mission is to design and develop a progressive curriculum year after year to support their network of schools.

Through their institutions, Birla Open Minds prepare economically independent, skilled, and innovative students by providing them with a robust curriculum, comfortable learning environment, excellent infrastructure, and strong support who will one day be leaders in their respective fields.

Each person who connects to Birla Open Minds gets the best services, be it stakeholders, partners, staff, parents, or children enrolled in their schools across India.

Obstacles Along the Way:

When you cater to a vast segment like preschools and K-12s, the former of which is yet not governed by any regulatory body, the challenge of ensuring a progressive and apt curriculum is paramount.

Along with delivering the same level of adaptability to their partners across various tier cities, the main challenge Birla Open School faced at the start was getting the parents of these cities and towns to accept the progressive nature of their curriculum.

For example, A parent from Mumbai will have very different expectations from their ward as opposed to a parent from Hyderabad.

Maintaining uniformity and correctly implementing and addressing such issues were some of the initial challenges Birla Open Mind faced.

Spark That Caused Growth:

Once the initial anchors were set in place, Birla Open Minds reached a stage where they were primed for growth.

After this stage, they consolidated their presence under one brand name that is Birla Open Minds. This pivoted & enabled them to expand their horizons across the country with an average of 90% growth rate every year.

The Products and Services:

The need of the hour is to introduce technological, economic, and cultural forces in the education system at all levels and change the core of the traditional educational system to find the best learning ways.

Birla Open Minds provide the best school-related and ed-tech solutions through school-based support services which include:

•Curated Curriculum

•Seamless integration with their LMS Platform

•Fully Tech-enabled Schools

•Real Time Operations Tracking & support – Software, course, documentation, tracking, education, e-learning…you name it and they have it!

•Teacher Training – Regular school visits by school support officers to work closely with teachers in collaborative lesson preparation meetings and provide various kinds of services

•Workshops for students and teachers

•Vocational Skill Training

•Intensive on-site school support

•Being a part of elite Learning communities – The cross-school professional sharing aims at enhancing teachers’ professionalism and leadership.

Ensuring Reliability:

“Birla Open Minds isn’t just a school; it is a way of life. A life that is full of excitement, promises, challenges, and adventures.”

They strive to improve and attempt to change with time since change is the only constant. Introducing new learning experiences, sharing future visions, and applauding achievements has been their constant endeavour.

Needless to say, Birla Open Mind’s network of schools subscribes to the ethos of quality and holistic education. 

Taking a Step Further:

The beautiful thing about education in general is that it is always evolving. The learning never stops, there is always something new to add and explore.

The team at Birla Open Minds is constantly brainstorming and exploring aspects that are not only available in India but across the globe as well.

Birla Open Minds has been ahead of the curve in terms of Hybrid Leaning, thanks to its sister company Birla Brainiacs.

Hybrid Learning offers the best of both worlds to students across the globe and in India giving them easy access to quality education.

Services that focus on customer satisfaction are a constant work in progress, because of this, it is impossible for someone to take a stand where their services do not require any further elevations or innovations.

Birla Open Minds keep a sharp focus on these aspects and considers constructive feedback from all of their partners at regular interval in a transparent manner which is also shared with their Chairman and Board of Directors.

The Reason Behind the Ongoing Success:

Birla Open Minds likes to believe that its long-standing success comes from the constant pursuit to ensure that the services they provide to its partners are consistently and constantly evolving along with meeting modern standards at the ground levels.

In addition, improvements to their offerings and a strong in-house adaptive curriculum are key factors as well. Last but not the least, the Birla family comes with over 100 years of experience in the field of education and this is always seen in the fondness shown by their partners when they choose to partner with them on their projects.

The Journey of Growth:

The growth trajectory gives you a glimpse into the evolution and progress made by Birla Open Minds. The growth wasn’t just in terms of their presence across India, it was also evident in aspects such as manpower and significant investment in terms of technology and know-how to further improve upon their offerings.

It enabled Birla Open Minds to look after multiple schools in a customised manner to ensure that the schools aren’t just left to fend for themselves at the ground level.

Birla Open Minds always likes to highlight that they are here to work with entrepreneurs, and having a knowledge of how to manage or run the school isn’t essential to enter into this space. That’s Birla Open Mind’s role, and they pride themselves in guiding partners through the beautiful process of successfully running an educational institute in a professional manner.

Showing the Path of Scalability and Sustainability:

It is of paramount importance that the project is sustainable not only for the partner but also for Birla Open Minds because as a brand as they do not believe in opening educational institutions and shutting them down abruptly. 

When investors or partners approach them for franchisees, Birla Open Minds take a good amount of time to completely understand their thought process and expectations. After that, they chart out a whole plan of action with the investors and partners detailing each aspect of setting up the business with timelines that have a direct implication on the profitability of the venture.

Once the sustainability is ingrained over a period of time, then both parties discuss the scalability aspects with the owners based on the locally prevalent conditions to position them well enough to achieve scalability.

Acing the effective customer communication strategy:

Birla Open Minds provides 360-degree support to all of its customers. The support enables every school under them to successfully move forward and implement the progressive curriculum with trained teachers and staff members who understand and appreciate their vision.

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