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Freelancer work is on the rise in all countries. According to the CEO of, there are around 60,000 users in Peru. According to INEGI, in Mexico there are approximately 15 million freelancers, while in Spain, according to data from the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP), out of 1.9 million freelancers, 700,000 are freelancers in intellectual professions.

Freelance work is very beneficial in several ways, such as flexible working hours, the possibility of working abroad or being able to work with different clients and projects at the same time. But there are some obstacles, such as having to include images in the projects, as most of them are copyrighted. That’s why useful tools like 123RF were born. Learn more about it below.

What is copyright?

First, we should know that copyright is a set of laws and legal rules present in most countries. They are intended to protect original works from plagiarism. In the words of the Mexican Government “copyright is the recognition made by the State in favor of all creators of literary and artistic works provided for in article 13 of this Law, by virtue of which it grants its protection so that the author enjoys exclusive prerogatives and privileges of a personal and patrimonial nature”.

So, in order not to breach these rules, freelancers and content creators cannot just choose any image from Google, but only those that are free of copyright.

123RF: the solution for content creators and freelancers

If you were looking for a site where you could find lots of royalty-free images, vectors, 3D illustrations and audio, 123RF is for you. Here you can download 2 million photos for FREE.

If you are enthusiastic about all its photo categories (such as animals, fashion, health, weddings, fitness, among many others) and want to continue browsing 123RF, you can purchase the PLUS plan or the premium plan. With the PLUS plan, you will have access to 60 million stock photos, exclusive 3D files, early access to free files, 20 million vectors, no ads, unlimited downloads and exclusive customer support. With the Premium plan, you get all these benefits plus special content just for premium users.

Good news: there’s currently a promotion going on, where you’ll only pay $10 per month (for a total of $120 per year) – that’s a great deal, considering it used to cost $15 per month!

Also, whether you are a FREE, PLUS or Premium user, you will have a “featured creators” section, where you can see the creations of the different users of the 123RF community and download the images, vectors and illustrations you like for free, or access their paid designs.

With 123RF, it has never been easier to collect images to include in your work.

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