Hot Freelance Side Hustles of 2023 

Hot Freelance Side Hustles of 2023 

For many, a side hustle is more than just earning more money, it allows you to explore a passion project, develop a new skill, or explore options for a new career.

Here we have outlined the Hot freelance side hustles for 2023. 1. Digital Marketing

Businesses and organizations worldwide are increasingly investing in brand promotion, and an integral part of this in today’s digital world is social media. 

Social media marketing is an example of a manageable side hustle option if you are someone who already loves interacting on your platforms. As covered by Indeed, you can easily turn your social media skills into a potentially lucrative career.

Digital marketing | Best 10 Hot Freelance Side Hustles for 2023 | The Enterprise World

An easy and inexpensive way to get a foot in the door is by taking an online social media marketing course. You can take a comprehensive social media course through a training platform such as Udemy. A recommended approach is to focus on and master one particular platform to begin with, whether it is Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

2. CFD Trading 

Because CFD forex trading is not as complicated and involved as trading stocks or commodities, it makes an ideal investment side hustle. CFD or contract for difference is where you speculate on the movements of currencies going in either direction. 

As you are speculating on price movements, it is very easy to get started, and very little capital is needed. The easiest way to get started with CFD trading is with a trading platform or broker. Look for a broker like INFINOX, for example, who is fully regulated. If you are a complete novice, the best thing to do is to open a dummy or practice account first. This allows you to test out strategies and get used to the equities markets, which allows you to look at the stock profiles of companies like Apple, and have access to graphs and charts.

3. Driver

Do you own a car and consider yourself a good driver? Driving-Tests highlight that there are very few requirements, including meeting the local age limit, having at least a year of driving experience, holding a license, and having a suitable car. With worldwide drive-share companies like Uber, you can easily earn extra money and get a taste of being your own boss.

Maybe driving strangers around is not your thing, but you can still earn some money and start a side hustles for 2023 by simply owning your own car. Food delivery apps are everywhere and are always looking for reliable drivers.  

Some other increasingly popular freelance side hustles for 2023 to consider include:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. UX designer
  3. Copywriter
  4. Design Jobs
  5. Online Tutoring
  6. Dropshipper
  7. Dog walker
  8. Etsy Seller

Before deciding on your side hustle of choice, it is vital that you first do some market research to understand that particular avenue. Speak with other freelancers and check out the competition. Understand the challenges and benefits and how much money you could realistically make. Remember that starting a freelancing side hustles for 2023 is an opportunity to start a new and exciting career that you love.

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