Introducing “NODE” wi-fi temperature monitor from thermoworks with 24/7 temperature tracking and high/low temperature alerts right from your phone

Introducing “NODE” wi-fi temperature monitor from
thermoworks with 24/7 temperature tracking and high/low temperature
alerts right from your phone

AMERICAN FORK, UT— Have you ever wished you could be alerted to freezing temperatures before the pipes freeze and burst in your cabin? Or that the compressor in your chest freezer just blew and all the frozen meat is starting to thaw? What if you could be notified—wherever you are—the moment the things you care about start getting too hot or too cold—the wine in your wine cellar, the bees in the beehive, the exotic fish in your aquarium back home, your family Steinway in storage—so you can do something about it before it’s too late. Well, now you can with the help of NODE Wi-Fi Temperature Monitor and ThermoWorks Cloud on your phone or computer.

Just in time for holiday givingThermoWorks, the leader in professional temperature tools, has launched NODE Wi-Fi Temperature Monitor, ThermoWorks’ most significant entry into the emerging Internet of Things (IOT) market to date. A simple three-step wizard connects your NODE to your existing Wi-Fi network and starts sending recorded temperatures to the Cloud. Configurable high and low alarms define the temperature range you want to maintain. You pick a transmission interval anywhere from one temperature reading every 30 minutes (default) all the way up to once every minute.

Access your recorded temps anytime on the go wherever you are with the ThermoWorks app (from the App Store or Google Play Store) . The app graphs all the recorded temperatures to reveal the daily cycle of ups and downs. Look for deviations from the pattern or check maximum and minimum recorded temps, average temps, and a log of alarm triggers and resolutions. Set session parameters, add notes, or change your high and low alarms on the fly. Schedule notifications, add new devices, and configure your account right from the app, including customizing the names of each NODE or each individual channel.

You can also log directly into your ThermoWorks Cloud account from any web browser to access a centralized temperature dashboard, browse your temperature histories, zoom in and out of your multi-channel temperature graphs, annotate alarm events, customize your settings, export reports, and even share temperature tracking with others and set their level of account access. ThermoWorks Cloud is fully secure and adds capacity automatically as needed so you never suffer downtime during peak usage times like weekends and holidays.

Or, just sit back with confidence, knowing that the moment the measured temperature exceeds your set high or low alarm temperatures, you will get a push notification on your phone, or even SMS text or email alerts, so you can swing into action.

Professional NODE users—like restaurants with multiple warming ovens, freezers, and refrigerators (both walk-ins and low boys), agricultural operations, or computer server farms—can add multiple NODE devices to the same account to assemble a true dashboard of critical temps in one view. Subscribers to ThermoWorks Pro, Business Pro, or Business Pro Plus Cloud Accounts can even group those connected devices by location, increase the frequency of transmissions even more, get “device offline” alerts, and auto-archive their data for easy reporting.

“Consumers and businesses alike are coming to expect the convenience of tracking the things that are most important to them right from their phones at any time,” says ThermoWorks Founder and CEO Randy Owen. “And now, with NODE, that includes temperature, one of the most important parameters for the safety, comfort, and performance of any person, animal, machine, or system. ThermoWorks has long been the leader in the highest quality thermometers for speed, accuracy, and unexpected features, and this new product line marks a new direction for us in the emerging world of the Internet of Things.”

NODE is perfect for restaurants watching over their perishable inventory in walk-in refrigerators and freezers as well as low-boys and reach-ins. Farmers and ranchers can track the temperatures of their greenhouses, crops, and livestock. NODE can track temps on factory floors or server rooms. And everyone can be alerted the moment things get too hot or too cold in the cabin, RV, baby’s room, gun safe, fish tank, wine cellar, or anywhere else valuable things are kept.

NODE comes in 3 models: Internal Sensor Only ($99 MSRP), Internal Sensor + 1 External Probe ($119 MSRP), and Internal Sensor + 2 External Probes ($129 MSRP). It also comes in 5 bright colors: Red, White, Yellow, Charcoal, and Blue. NODE is available immediately at where there is still time for standard shipping before Christmas.

NODE takes its place amongst a broad offering of other connected ThermoWorks thermometers, including, the industry-leading ThermaData WiFi family of data loggers (with type K, type T, and thermistor probe options), SignalsTM Four-Channel and BlueDOT® Single-Probe BBQ Alarm Thermometers, DishTemp® Blue Plate-Simulating Dishwasher Thermometer, Thermapen® Blue Instant-Read Thermometer, WAND BlueTM No Touch Forehead Thermometer for recorded health checks, and more.

NODE Features:

  • Cloud-based worldwide access
  • 24/7 temp monitoring with graphs
  • Simple to set up and connect
  • Set high and low alarms
  • Push notifications for trigger events
  • Resettable Max/Min and Average recorded temps
  • Works with FREE ThermoWorks app
  • Or dive deep into your data with FREE ThermoWorks Cloud dashboard
  • Big display, long battery life or plug in for AC power
  • Works with all Pro-Series® Probes for multiple applications
  • Rugged, durable, splash proof housing with 2-year warranty
  • 2-point NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate included
  • 3 models: Internal Sensor Only, Internal Sensor + 1 External Probe, and Internal Sensor + 2 External Probes
  • 5 bright colors: Red, White, Yellow, Charcoal, and Blue

About ThermoWorks

Based in American Fork, Utah, ThermoWorks brings scientific precision and robust industrial design to professional temperature tools for food safety and culinary excellence. The preferred brand among leading chefs and demanding operations, ThermoWorks sells directly to national chains, restaurants, food processors, and consumers. Customers have direct access to expert instrument consultants and a full technical support team. An advanced NIST-Traceable calibration lab assures ThermoWorks products meet the highest performance standards. For more information, see the website: Follow ThermoWorks on social media at Facebook:, Instagram:, and Pinterest:, and YouTube Channel:

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