Princess Diana Sweatshirts

Are you watching the new season of The Crown on Netflix today?

Diana Elizabeth blog - wearing princess Diana energy sweatshirt, blog post about Diana sweatshirts

^^ Princess Diana Energy sweatshirt

Well today’s the day, The Crown’s new season is out and we see grown up Princess Diana and I’m exited about it, and going to cozy up on the couch in between my appointments binge the series! I can’t wait.

I have something I’ve kept a secret for a while that I’ll share next week with you that has something to do with Princess Diana but I’ll share my latest purchase!

The original sweater worn by Diana herself are made by Rowing Blazers, the Warm & Wonderful line. It came back out in the last year or so, and though they are quite pricey, might be worth it if you LOVE it and it’s wool! I sized up and got a large which is sold out, but I am sure I would have been fine in a medium. But I love oversized right now!

princess Diana sheep sweater and other sweater ideas

^^ Diana Sheep sweater also comes in various color ways

And their other line, Gyles & George, “I’m a luxury… few can afford” sweater.

princess Diana sweater ideas and inspiration

^^ I’m a luxury sweater also comes in other color ways

A few more around the web that are Princess Diana inspired or replicas that are a bit more affordable –

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Diana Elizabeth knows these next few months are going to fly by so she’s going to take lots of Vitamin C, enjoy the time with friends and live it up. She’s impatiently waiting for the closet to be done and still sleeping in the garden room.

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