Waze is getting its own dedicated Android Automotive app

Waze is getting its own dedicated Android Automotive

Waze is France's most popular navigation app, to the point that it was recently updated with three regional accents (Toulouse, Provençal and ch'ti). So it makes sense that Waze elected to partner with French automaker Renault to launch a new, dedicated version of the app for cars. It's available on infotainment systems via Google integration, starting with the Austral Hybrid and Megane E-Tech EV

To be clear, it's already possible to use Waze on Android Auto by installing it as an app from your smartphone. What's different is that Renault drivers can now install the app directly to the infotainment system and use it without the need for a mobile device.

"When you drive, you can experience safer and more convenient journeys while eliminating the hassle of using a smartphone," Waze wrote on its blog. "With this new experience, Renault drivers will have all Waze real-time routing, navigation and alerts, plus settings, preferences and saved places, built into their car display."

Renault's latest multimedia system supports CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly and has a number of apps like Google Maps and Spotify pre-installed — with no need to connect your phone for those apps. You can install Waze either from the Play store in the above vehicles' infotainment systems, or from Renault's dedicated app. 

Waze appears set to expand to other vehicles and brands, saying it's "looking forward to bringing this excellent driving experience to more users across the globe in 2023." So if you prefer Waze to Google Maps and have a car that supports Android Auto, you may be able to switch soon. 

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