Combat Rising Food Costs By Buying In Bulk with Sam’s Club

Combat Rising Food Costs By Buying In Bulk with Sam’s

Even if you haven’t been to the store lately, you’ve likely heard of the shortages that have hit the food industry. Eggs are the latest commodity that’s fallen victim. Inflation and the avian flu have caused eggs to soar in price lately. Last year, baby formula and milk saw their share of rising costs.

While the market for products like eggs, milk and produce is unpredictable, there are ways you can help insulate yourself from the swings in price and availability. Sam’s Club not only offers high-quality products at attractive prices, but it does so in bulk, allowing shoppers the opportunity to stock and save.

You can unlock a year of savings by purchasing a one-year Sam’s Club membership for just $24.99. That’s a savings of 50% from its regular MSRP ($50). Membership renews automatically, and you’ll receive a complimentary household card.

You don’t have to travel far to visit a physical location. There are more than 600 locations in 488 cities across the United States. What makes Sam’s Club so popular among its 47 million members is the sheer vastness of its inventory. Customers can purchase everything from kitchen supplies to electronics to jewelry to furniture. Many items like cleaning supplies, candy and meat can be bought in bulk, saving you money by reducing trips to the store.

Household items and food aren’t the only items Sam’s Club offers. Members also gain access to discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, movies, and more. Discounts of up to 60% are also offered on hotels around the globe.

More than 1,700 purchasers have rated this deal 5 stars.

“It was a fast and easy process and I was able to apply on the phone and was able to go to Sam’s within minutes of applying to take advantage of their membership,” writes verified purchaser Cyndi Lindenberger.

This offer is only valid to new Sam’s Club members.

While rising costs on supplies and scarcity will never go away, you can protect your pockets by purchasing a Sam’s Club membership. Take advantage of this one-year offer and start saving today.

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