Hausafe Cam HD Review: Does It Help?

Hausafe Cam HD Review: Does It Help?
Hausafe Cam HD Review

Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in home burglaries. Security surveillance is the most effective instrument to deploy in this circumstance. However, deploying such monitoring systems is frequently difficult and always somewhat expensive. They typically need a lot of effort because wires must be laid in order to power the device. Smaller cameras, on the other hand, fall short of expectations and do not provide complete security.

Consider using the HauSafe Cam HD. People can even use a smartphone to control the interface while they are away from home because it is so simple to use.

When buying an internal surveillance camera, there are a few things to consider

Camera resolution: Look for a camera that offers high resolution, such as 1080p or 4K, for clear, detailed images.

Field of view: Consider the area you want to cover and choose a camera with a wide field of view to capture as much of the space as possible.

Night vision: If you want to monitor the space at night, look for a camera with built-in night vision.

Smart features: Some cameras come with smart features such as motion detection, two-way audio, and cloud storage. These features can be useful, but they can also add to the cost of the camera.

Installation: Think about how you will install the camera. Some cameras are designed for DIY installation, while others may require professional installation.

Compatibility with your system: Check if the camera is compatible with your existing smart home system or you can use the app provided by the camera company.

After considering these factors, you can compare different cameras and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. You can find internal surveillance cameras from various brands on online marketplaces or at electronics stores.

What is HauSafe Cam HD?
Hausafe Cam HD

HauSafe Cam HD is a security camera that can be easily screwed into a lamp base, and through it gets all the power you need for good video surveillance. The data is sent directly to your smartphone and you can see what is happening inside your home. The manufacturer states the following features of HauSafe Cam HD:

  • Different types of uses can be made of the system.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • It is actually portable.
  • The alarm system also comes with a super bright LED light.
  • No cables or batteries are required to operate it.
  • Despite the darkness, you can keep track with its night vision.

As you can see, the HauSafe Cam HD includes every function a top-notch video surveillance system should have. All light bases may accommodate the security camera, allowing for use across the entire house.

HauSafe Cam HD Features

We tested the HauSafe Cam HD since we were interested in its possibilities. Unfortunately, the security camera lacks formal certifications and premium parts. First, the HauSafe Cam HD was ordered and tested. Once it had been delivered to our editorial office, we looked over its craftsmanship and discovered that it was incredibly durable and long-lasting. After screwing it into our ceiling lamp, we gave it a try. The luminosity is impressive and comparable to what you would expect from LED lighting.

Hausafe Cam HD FeaturesFeatures of Hausafe Cam HD
Motion monitoring and immediate alerts

Motion-sensitive HD camera Moving objects are tracked by HauSafe sensors until they depart the sensor’s range of view.

The HauSafe Cam HD technology’s alert feature can be used to scare off potential attackers. The app allows users to set alarms and get reminders.

Two-way audio

Thanks to its great two-way audio capability, people can listen to and talk with the HauSafe Cam HD baby and pet camera at any time from any location.

People can communicate with their family members whenever they want, from any location in the world, thanks to two-way audio.

LED Light

Because the LED light is extremely bright, it can be difficult to identify this device as a security camera. A regular, unadorned lamp could also be used.

Wireless operation

The HauSafe Cam HD does not require batteries or cords to operate. Therefore, it is not a concern.

All devices compatible

A high degree of device compatibility makes it possible to connect any device. Android and iOS mobile devices are supported.

Easy assembling

Since it attaches to a light socket so easily, anyone can install it. Everyone chooses it over the alternatives because it’s easy to set up.

Night vision

As soon as it gets dark outside, the HauSafe’s night vision turns on automatically.

Compared with infrared night vision, this picture shows superior quality.

Using supercharged infrared LEDs, you can send high-definition video directly to your smartphone.

Why do I need a HauSafe Cam HD security camera?

The HauSafe Cam HD is suited for anyone looking for dependable video surveillance who is willing to put forth the least amount of installation effort. As a result, it is advised for all tenants, apartment renters, and homeowners.

Without any limitations, anyone of any age can utilize HauSafe Cam HD, including both men and women. It is so simple that even little toddlers could install it. It also doesn’t matter if someone has previously used a different kind of security camera or not. Products with which one was not pleased may be ignored. You simply need the HauSafe Cam HD to increase security because it handles all aspects of surveillance.

How does this security camera work?

Before using HauSafe, a user must download and install the companion app for cell phones on their device. All the controls are on the smartphone, which also provides notifications on the real-time camera stream.

Once constructed, the camera’s power connections may easily be installed in a light holder and are designed to mimic regular light bulbs. According to the product description, each device includes a memory card with a storage capacity of 64 gigabytes that can save enough surveillance footage to endure for twenty-four hours. Full-view, 360-degree panorama of your house with excellent clarity and no blind spots.

HauSafe Cam HD Rating and Recommendation

Overall, we think the HauSafe Cam HD system is a solid substitute for traditional video surveillance systems and can be highly recommended. The installation often has few, if any, issues, so it is probably worth checking out.

Many consumers who have used the security camera are entirely delighted with its functionality and would advise others to use it as well. We would recommend it without any hesitation because it did well in our test as well.

Technical Facts

The HauSafe Cam HD offers a number of technical features that you can utilize. This will at least give you a rough idea of how the video surveillance device works. HauSafe Cam HD features:

  • Built-in alarm system: protects your home or apartment without breaking the bank.
  • Night vision: Night vision allows you to see what is happening at night around the security camera.
  • Super bright LED light: As a result, you cannot immediately tell that it is a security camera. It might also be a regular, unadorned lamp.
  • Wireless function: The HauSafe Cam HD can be used without batteries or cords. There is no need to be concerned that it will eventually run out of power.

These technical features prove that the HauSafe Cam HD is appropriate for all types of video surveillance on their own. An ordinary security camera with no additional features is typically much poorer equipped.

Hausafe Cam HD Price

Even though HauSafe Cam HD has more advantages than other conventional security camera types, the price is still relatively reasonable and affordable. Discounts and large price cuts for purchases are consistently announced in relation to this product on the official website. The official website will provide a 50% discount for online purchases.

Additionally, the producers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if a customer is not happy with the security provided by the HauSafe Cam HD within this time frame.

  • The cost of one HauSafe Cam unit is $49.95.
  • For $99, customers can purchase two HauSafe Cam units.
  • For $129, customers can purchase 3 HauSafe Cam units.
  • For $199, customers can purchase 5 HauSafe Cam units.
Refund Policy

In the event that customers are not satisfied with the level of security offered during this period, they are entitled to a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

The firm will return their entire investment to them. In addition to the cost of the product, shipping will be charged. Their goods are covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

General HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

Numerous user evaluations that helped us understand the HauSafe Cam HD were discovered during our investigation. those that have utilized the security camera previously. The majority of them had a lot of enthusiasm for this alternative security camera. As a result, they would continue to buy it or perhaps buy it again.

They feel that their house is now a little bit secure from burglars and are delighted to recommend it to others. They discovered that the transmission and synchronization with the smartphone was easy and seamless. It was established in a short period of time. The ease of use and dependability, even at night, were also highly complimented. They therefore feel it is a nice product and are delighted to suggest it.

Where can I order HauSafe Cam HD?

The HauSafe Cam HD is best purchased directly from the vendor. You can only be certain that you’ll get the original and consequently the advertised quality if you do this. By the way, ordering through the website is a simple and quick process. After choosing one of the options, fill out the order form that is adjacent with all of your information. The next step is for you to select the payment method you want to use.

There are numerous approaches that can be used for this. Paypal and a credit card, as examples. Both offer a certain level of protection and are simple for the customer to use. The order is subsequently activated, and a confirmation email is received. When the package travels, another of these happens. You receive a tracking link at that point, which you can use to trace the package online. You can predict when it will arrive and are always aware of its location.

Now let’s talk about the manufacturer’s exclusive deals. You may virtually use the security camera to examine your entire home or apartment thanks to them, which are several HauSafe Cam HD models. If the lights go out just once, one can also immediately replace the model. At first sight, these offers might appear more expensive, but you really pay far less per model than you would for a single order.

So generally speaking, choosing the offers is advised. But beware—they are only accessible for a short period of time before disappearing altogether. After that, it’s unclear if they’ll come back. They might also be much more expensive at that point. Therefore, making a decision quickly is both necessary and advised.

Final Verdict

Real-time remote viewing is undoubtedly the most tempting feature of the HauSafe cam HD. The HauSafe Cam’s ability to view your house or home remotely in real time is its biggest feature.

A trackable smartphone app is utilised for upkeep and any security updates. The HauSafe security camera may be put into a bulb holder right away because of how similar it looks to a typical bulb.

The HauSafe Cam comes equipped with a 1080P lens that is incredibly sharp, a 360-degree rotating panoramic infrared camera, alarms to deter intruders, and an automatic tracking device to protect your home from any unauthorized visits. However, its low price, relatively tiny size, and wireless nature set it apart from the competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it come with a battery or is a cable required?

No, it works like a light bulb.

Can we use it at night?

Yes, the HauSafe Cam HD to its night vision feature keeps you protected round the clock.

Can the app be viewed by several people at the same time?

Yes, and from multiple devices

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