In the import, export, and logistic segment, Linear is a name synonymous with excellence. The company provides exceptional services to its diversified clientele, offering hassle-free logistical solutions. Linear has gained a reputation for cultivating relationships with them rather than simply conducting transactions. In its two-decade journey, the company has risen to the top through dedication, consistency, the ability to collaborate with clients, and its exceptional customizable services.

Linear Exports Private Limited offers complete logistical solutions in transportation, air freight, and shipping. It was founded by a team of professionals with over 25 years of expertise. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, and it has affiliated offices throughout India.

Linear’s committed and skilled workforce, aided by cutting-edge technology, has set its standards above the rest. It provides an unmatched quality of service, and has achieved and maintained a growing customer base.

Linear Exports Logistics always has proved itself to be the perfect option for customers when it comes to air freight transportation from India to anywhere in the world. They have remained the chosen air freight forwarder through the years. The professionals on the air freight team work around the clock to ensure that air shipments arrive at their destinations with the shortest transit time, best route, and maximum cost-efficiency

The company has ensured dependable worldwide transportation connectivity by streamlining operations with new technologies and improving infrastructure and superstructure within its own capabilities. Developing connectivity and intermodal terminal modalities, as well as synchronizing ports, airports, and hinterland movements, contributes to boosting global economic growth as well.

Linear is also incredibly effective in commercial integration. They are Worldwide Networking Partners who stimulate distribution, mergers & acquisitions, and other supply chain transactions. Linear specializes in the cost, speed, and dependability of transportation and distribution services.

Furthermore, the corporation has simplified and integrated Customs and security procedures, as well as the simplicity of doing business. Cargo integrity, route integrity, and information systems inside the organization enable for more efficient cargo movement, cross-border screening and examination.

Linear Exports has invested extensively in logistics throughout the business in order to maintain continued excellence in their service. They adapt quickly to the market demand and not only survive but thrive.


Linear Exports is known for its exceptional performance, with client satisfaction as its first priority.
It has always had a client-first approach. The organization believes in building long-term connections
with its clients based on trust. Their major goal is to create value, and they understand the value of
Mission : To serve the cargo industry in simple form with integral solutions with best of quality, efficiency and reliability. Our aim is to provide global transportation services to meet our customers’ requirements and the international network. We are strategic partners.

Vision : To become industry leaders with a range of premium, multi-modal transportation products, offering door to door freight delivery as part of our total international integrated supply chain solution with philosophy management to the logistics industry, and to be the best support to our customers.

Linear Exports has demonstrated a high level of stability and maturity in business through the very fact of remaining consistent in the market for nearly two decades. They maintain a strong process that integrates innovative tools and procedures for quality control and project delivery.

The leadership always inspires the team  members to do their best at work and keep the clients satisfied. The staff is very dedicatedly involved in implementing the company’s expansion strategies, which is reflected in Linear’s overall success. With over fifteen years of experience and strong staff knowledge comes a wide range of tailored services, great efficiency, and less delay.

Linear Exports offer a variety of services and advanced technologies to maximize the client’s peace of mind and facilitate the entire transport process. The professional team stays in close, continual contact, working hand-in hand with the client to ensure that every cargo benefits from genuine first-class care.

  • Linear Export Logistic
  • Linear Air Chartering
  • Linear Air Express
  • Linear DGR (Hazardous)
  • Linear Ocean Logistic
  • Linear Import Clearance
  • Linear Turnkey Project Movement
  • Linear Custom Brokerage Services
  • Linear Warehousing And Distribution
  • Linear Project Logistic
  • Linear Cargo Services

International Trade Activities: Their trading consultants formulate a comprehensive suite of strategies to open up trading opportunities with higher yields.

Physical Exports And Import: They trade internationally, and through their worldwide network of partners, reach millions of satisfied and happy customers. Financial Advisory Services: They believe in the smallest of details, which is why their strategy is to provide financial assistance for every aspect of the client’s trading operation.

For several years, they have collaborated with a number of liners and airlines. Linear’s many years of experience have helped it establish a market awareness that allows them to load the client’s Cargo with the strongest partner for each route. In addition to direct international liners and airlines, they provide services from origin to destination port and create custom packages.

Linear provides comprehensive and high-quality Import Export and CFS Cargo services. Furthermore, Linear Exports Pvt. Ltd., has representatives at Port and Airport in India so that optimal services processing is ensured.

Linear aspires to provide its clients with the greatest logistical services at the lowest possible cost, hence increasing their company and profit margins. It also provides an integrated supply chain solution and an all inclusive export shipment package, which helps clients reduce logistical costs and boost profitability. Linear is known for cultivating unique long-term relationships with its clientele. Its skills and logistical prowess have made it an admirable enterprise in the cargo and logistics sector. Linear passionately believes in and works to deliver operational excellence, timely services and solutions, and high standards of work ethics and honesty.

“This Cargo & Logistics Industry means so much to me and I am so grateful. What I learned is to see the new horizon across the border and I look forward to learning more as I take on these new opportunities. Today I look forward to bringing the GTCC format.” Mr. Aji P Chacko (Managing Director).

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