Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar first look: Dolby Atmos powered by Q-Symphony

Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar first look: Dolby Atmos powered by

CES is typically the place a lot of companies debut new soundbars and this year is no different. Samsung has announced the HW-Q990C and HW-G60C models, both of which offer Dolby Atmos audio but do so in different formats and in different sizes. If you're looking for a robust surround sound setup with multiple speakers or smaller all-in-one option, Samsung's two latest soundbars tick both of those boxes. 

First, the HW-Q990C is a flagship model that comes with two rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer. The 11.1.4-channel setup uses Samsung's Q-Symphony 3.0 to "precisely direct individual audio elements" via the soundbar and TV speakers. With the display and speaker combo, Samsung explains that Q-Symphony can leverage 22 total audio channels with the help of the processor inside one of the company's compatible televisions. The company says the Q990C can also "pair acoustically automatically" with its TVs so that the entire system is tuned for its best performance. When paired with a Samsung TV, the soundbar handles the dialogue while surrounding audio comes from the display's speakers. The company says this contributes to improved 3D audio. 

Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar
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To tailor the entire set to your living room or home theater, Samsung's SpaceFit calibration is onboard. The company explains that this technology leverages AI to adjust individual driver frequencies and gain levels to properly fill a room. A nighttime mode adjusts for low-volume listening, Adaptive Sound 2.0 uses AI to optimize audio and Game Pro 2.0 tweaks the settings for various genres. The HW-Q990C is also a SmartThings hub, offering voice control and the ability to change things inside the SmartThings app. 

For more compact spaces, the HW-G60C is an all-in-one option that uses a combination of beamforming tech and virtualized Dolby Atmos to create a 3D feel. Samsung says this more compact unit can also be used as both computer speakers and a smart speaker thanks to echo-canceling microphones and bi-directional audio. HDMI/ARC, USB, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast connectivity are all here and there's customizable LED lighting and specific sound profiles for gaming. What's more, Samsung says a set of four microphones are tuned for chat by isolating voices, which the company explains will also help when summoning a virtual assistant. 

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