Sandra Serwah Siaw | Ghana | Don't Be Afraid

Sandra Serwah Siaw | Ghana | Don't Be Afraid

Photographer | Videographer | Content Creator

I am a Ghanaian photographer who produces dynamic images that tell stories about the people I encounter. I started my journey in photography at the age of 10, and it has been an amazing journey ever since. My father has been a great source of inspiration for me, and despite facing financial challenges, I was able to fund my education and pursue my passion for photography.

My style of photography is revolutionary and adds more meaning to our daily life activities, such as cultural activities, nature, lifestyle, and fashion. It brings out the real emotions of stories and even through the pain, people can still afford a smile that warms hearts. I find inspiration from my father and other renowned photographers like the late Bob Pixels and Aboya. My father has been a great influence, inspiration, and teacher in my career. Despite the challenges that come with being a photographer in Ghana, I am driven by my passion and vision to keep creating dynamic images that tell stories and bring joy to others.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

As a female photographer in Ghana, I have faced many challenges in my career. One of the biggest hurdles has been the lack of recognition for my style of photography, which has made it difficult to generate income. Another challenge has been the overall lack of recognition for female photographers in our society. Despite these challenges, I have been able to overcome them by staying determined and focused on my goals, being open to learning and improving my skills, and working hard to share my passion for photography with others. I hope that in the future, female photographers in Ghana will be better recognized and valued for their contributions to the industry.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally

who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

For young people just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions, I recommend staying focused and determined, being open to learning and improving your skills, and staying humble. It is important to be ready to apply what you have learned and keep working towards your goals. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things, but always stay true to your passion and what drives you. Remember that the journey may not always be easy, but with hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams.

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