TV Judge Lynn Toler Thanks Fans For Helping to Usher Her Through Grief After Husband’s Untimely Death

TV Judge Lynn Toler Thanks Fans For Helping to Usher Her
Through Grief After Husband’s Untimely Death

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s unexpected.

Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler was dealt a blow when she unexpectedly lost her husband Eric “Big E” Mumford after 33 years of marriage in January.

According to Toler, she assumed they’d still have “a lifetime to go.” Leaning on friends and even social media fans she opened up online about her loving spouse and sang his praises for being a man who “loved hard and always tried to do the honorable thing.”

In return, people prayed for her and her family and the outpouring of love gave Toler the comfort she needed to navigate the grieving process.

Toler, 63, took to social media to share that it’s the love that continues to carry her through and thanked her friends, family, and fans for being “so kind and understanding” as she used social media to mourn out loud.

“You’ve been so kind and understanding, but I think I am at a place where I no longer need to share the dark out loud on a platform,” Toler began.

“I went on Widow TikTok the other day and almost lost my mind,” Toler shared.

“I’m all for sharing and caring but after a while, if all you see is hurt it’s harder to get through it. At least for me. I absorb others angst.”

She continued, “But before I reposition, I wanted to share this one last thing. I got comments from more than a few folks praising me for speaking so positively about my husband. They say it speaks well of me, in stark contrast to “modern women” who just bash guys.”

Toler went on to explain that her husband was a “high-value man” deserving of her adoration and she shared a clip from a previous The Breakfast Club interview where she talked about Big E.

For now, the next move for the mother of six is to continue sharing her light with her fans.

“Next posts I will be back to my normal corny self,” Toler proclaimed.

“Thank you all so much for helping me get through the holidays. Everything you said and did. Every mattered Every helped. Every sad thing I posted helped me along this journey. I appreciate that so many of you read them.”

While Mumford’s cause of death has not been revealed, Toler has received an outpouring of support from fellow celebrities such as Viola Davis and Tamar Braxton.

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