Welcome to the UK Green Business Awards

Welcome to the UK Green Business Awards
Welcome to the UK Green Business Awards

BusinessGreen's revamped awards programme aims to provide a bigger and better platform for the best of the UK's burgeoning green economy

Ever since BusinessGreen launched more than 15 years ago, the brand's mission has remained broadly the same. We want to inform, connect, and inspire green businesses, so as to accelerate the transition to an economy that is cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous for all.

Our contention is that the market failure that enables the climate and biodiversity crisis is characterised by a failure of information and a failure of networks, as much as the well documented failure to put a price on pollution.

How can policymakers, businesses, and all of us as individuals make decisions on how to build a sustainable economy if we don't have accurate information on the scale and nature of the challenges we face, the kind of solutions that work, and how best to deploy them? How can we roll out those solutions at pace and scale if we can't connect with the many other organisations that are also striving to change the way the economy operates? That's why we work everyday to keep anyone who cares about the green economy as up to date as possible on the news, trends, policies, and arguments that are shaping what is the most consequential industrial revolution in human history.

However, while BusinessGreen's mission has remained the same, the community we serve has changed beyond all recognition.

In little over a decade, what was once an economic niche too easily dismissed as a mix of well-meaning treehuggers and cynical greenwashers, has become the defining economic trend of the 21st century, a community dominated by multi-billion dollar multinationals, cutting edge start-ups, institutional investors, and organisations that are redefining what it is to be a business. And yet, as everyone who works in this space knows, this trend is still not progressing nearly fast enough. Much more needs to be done to normalise clean technologies and green business practices, to make the green economy the norm across the economy as a whole.

All of which helps to explain why today we're delighted to today be launching the inaugural UK Green Business Awards.

After 12 years of successfully hosting the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards we've decided the time is right to build on their heritage with a new awards that will work to showcase how critically important green businesses and the green economy is to the UK as a whole. We've got a wider range of categories, a revamped marketing programme to promote the many brilliant projects and businesses across the UK, and exciting plans to extend the reach and boost the impact of the awards. The awards are free to enter and we've assembled a hugely respected judging panel to help celebrate the very best of the green economy.

Alongside our expanded Net Zero Festival and upcoming plans to further strengthen our in-depth analytical content for BusinessGreen members, we want to go further, faster (as Chris Skidmore's timely Net Zero Review put it last week) in showcasing how the green economy has changed, even if we haven't. The UK Green Business Awards promises to inform, inspire, and perhaps most importantly, connect the many businesses and pioneers who can drive a sustainable economic recovery for the UK while also delivering on our critical climate goals. We hope you get involved in the new awards and join many of your partners, colleagues, and peers in our shared mission.

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