Do You Temu?

Do You Temu?
Did you miss the Super Bowl 2023 commercial – "Shop Like a Billionaire" – by the U.S. shopping app owned by Chinese e-commerce giant PDD Holdings Inc.?

Spending big money like Temu did shows how serious they are about penetrating the U.S. e-commerce market.

The commercial's jingle has a woman saying, “The prices blow my mind. I feel so rich. I feel like a billionaire. I’m shopping like a billionaire.'"

Pricing cheap?  You better believe it.  I did a search on 'purses'.  Here's what popped up.  Pricing averages anywhere from $2.98 – $17.99.  Yes, you can feel like a cheap billionaire or billionaire on the cheap.      

See some ratings on Temu here.  And then look closely at what Wikipedia has to say.  Do you Temu? (Nice tagline, eh?)

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