How to combine Yoga and Gym

How to combine Yoga and Gym
How to combine Yoga and Gym

Yoga and Gym are equally important and beneficial for the body and mind. One can easily combine yoga and gym but make sure that you do a Gym workout before Yoga. Mingling yoga and Gym enhances the overall performance and fitness of the body and mind and in return doubles the outcome with various health benefits.

As we know food is important to fulfil all the nutrition requirements of our body, Yoga and Gym are the way to optimize the whole mechanism. The term Yoga refers to a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India. The main aim of performing yoga is to control the mind and as an outcome increase concentration, still the mind and gain insight.

As we all know, to become fit we have to do regular exercises but to remain healthy, wealthy we must do yoga. Yoga can not only enhance our external beauty but can also lighten up our inner beauty by taking care of our inner soul by healing our past wounds and upgrading our life. It also helps to build our confidence to represent ourselves in front of others. Doing yoga can bring enthusiasm to one’s life by giving them hope of living.

It also gives a way to recreate life with a positive attitude and gives the strength to deal with any kind of task with a smile on the face. It also opens up the optimistic vision of a person to see the world from a different perspective. Yoga has a great impact on our mind, body and soul as it improves flexibility of the body, releases tension, improves posture, improves balance, helps in increasing concentration and increases blood flow.

The word Yoga –       The Sanskrit word

Yoga means –             To join, to unite

In parallel to yoga, the word Gym refers to the place where you can do exercise with the help of machines and other equipment. The workout is majorly related to cardio in which physical activities are done to bring the body in shape, maintain the physical appearance and as a result upgrades the physique. It also emphasises on increasing the strength of the body. If we combine both these yoga and exercise and do it simultaneously then, it will result in extra benefits.

Full form of GYM –             Gymnasium

GYM word derived-           Ancient Greek

First GYM recorded-         3000 years back in ancient Persia

Below is given some benefits of combining yoga and Gym workout

In athletic performance yoga benefits by increasing core strength, improving balance, developing deep and relaxed breathing, increasing flexibility and range of motion and also recovery. Some of us can do handstands easily but can’t hold our breath for a couple of minutes so the combination of yoga practice and Gym helps you to come out of this and become a master in all strength exercises and yoga poses.

Yoga indeed makes your body fit in all aspects of fitness like flexibility, strength, balance and endurance and to complete all these goals in a fitness regime,  proper time management Plan with guidance is necessary. The schedule you make also helps to keep you on track to do your workout.

Let us see the various ways through which we can combine yoga and Gym and perform them simultaneously and these are the key techniques to remaining fit all the time.

Plan 1

Firstly, modify your weekly routine as per your workload by estimating which day you will have time, and which day is your off day so you can get a better idea to make the best schedule for your daily day to get more out of your day and make it more productive.

Nowadays, there are many online workout or yoga sessions available that ensure anyone can get the total benefit by only clicking on the video and just doing them as per the instruction.

Monday- 20 minutes weight training- lower body, 20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes yoga asana and pranayama.

Tuesday – 20 minutes of weight training – upper body, 20 minutes full cardio and the last 20 minutes are for yoga practice.

Wednesday – 1-hour continuous yoga practice with full concentration and make sure posture needs to be clean and sharp so that proper results will be obtained.

Thursday – 20 minutes is for lower body weight training, 20 minutes of full body cardio and the remaining 20 minutes for yoga practice.

Friday – 20 minutes is for upper bodyweight training, 20 minutes is for steady state cardio and 20 minutes for yogic practice.

Saturday –Stay active for the full day and go for a 1-hour walk and you can do activities that you love the most.

Sunday-  Go for a walk for 30 minutes and then do some easy yoga poses and pranayama. You can also list it as a rest day.

Note the important points when planning your yoga and Gym combination schedule

Always do your gym workout before doing yoga as it helps to warm up the body so the body becomes more flexible to do stretching of muscles and poses in yoga.

Before scheduling your whole day the thing that you have to keep it in your mind is that your body is not a machine so with work and workouts we need a proper hour of rest too which gives the body the time to repair for the next day. As one day off from a workout is necessary but make sure that you eat well and get a good night sleep so that your body gets a proper recovery time all the bodybuilding materials will be well utilised in the tissue of the body.

So for that reason try to make a balance between work and rest and space a couple of days between weight training sessions so that over workout would not result in injuries and do exercise of alternate body parts on an alternate day like upper body part exercise on one day and lower body part on another day.

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