What to Do If Your Torrent Site Was Blocked?

What to Do If Your Torrent Site Was Blocked?

Torrent technology is a way of exchanging files using the BitTorrent protocol and the P2P principle. To put it simply, all the participants of the exchange form an equal peer-to-peer network in which all computers simultaneously both send and receive information. For example, if you use this Torrent Site technology to download a movie, it is downloaded from multiple (many) computers you don’t know where the movie has already been downloaded to.

It is downloaded in parts – some from one user, some from another, and so on. This allows you to achieve a high download speed. At the same time, your computer, which is connected to the network, gives those parts to everyone who wants to download them. In this way, it is impossible to tell exactly and unambiguously where the film was downloaded from. It turns out that it is sort of distributed throughout the Internet space. On this principle works the pirate buy proxy, the most stable torrent site. You have to learn how to use it before you start using it.

How to Use Torrent Site ?

To be able to download any files to your computer, such as music, games, programs, books, movies, serials, etc., faster, it is better to use a torrent client. A Torrent Site client is a special program that downloads and puts together fragments of a file.

What to Do If Your Torrent Site Was Blocked?|2023| The Enterprise World

When you download a file simply, the file is downloaded as a whole from one particular server, while using Torrent Site is quite different – the file is downloaded in parts from many users. This way, we don’t depend on a single server and its capabilities. However, this does not work without a server: A server called a tracker is used to track individual elements of the file on the Internet.

Touch VPN to Bypass Blocking

Touch VPN is a similar cross-platform free VPN service. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and the Google Chrome browser.

What to Do If Your Torrent Site Was Blocked?|2023| The Enterprise World

Touch VPN features:

  • Touch VPN is a completely free easy-to-use proxy with no restrictions. Connect to servers in Sweden, the UK, Denmark, France, the USA, Holland, and Canada for anonymity and complete freedom to surf the web.
  • Access any site, in any country. Bypass regional restrictions and visit websites blocked or censored by local authorities, academic institutions, or commercial organizations. Bypass ISP firewall rules to access Facebook, YouTube, and more with Touch VPN free.
  • Protect your data from hackers by connecting to public wireless networks. Touch VPN encrypts all of your data, including financial information and passwords for maximum security.
  • Extreme ease of use. Touch VPN offers just one button to connect. It allows you to connect to one of the anonymous servers at a faster rate than with a web proxy. If the service is disabled, the device’s battery power is not used up.
  • Achieve anonymous surfing with Touch VPN. Prevent your activity from being tracked by your ISP, websites, and ad networks. Touch VPN changes your actual IP address, so your online activity is hidden from prying eyes and your data is anonymous.
What to Do If Your Torrent Site Was Blocked?|2023| The Enterprise WorldConclusion

This isn’t the only way to bypass blocking your favorite torrent site, but Touch VPN or similar services do an excellent job. The best way to avoid such problems is to choose a stable resource for downloading.

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