Avoid Greenwashing Risk

Avoid Greenwashing Risk

For organizations that have created a home-grown sustainability program, self-certify, then promote themselves as sustainable, there is risk of being exposed for Greenwashing.

This risk is growing.

However, per this article, an Edenark Group commercial partner, Before3020, Inc., and its partner, Hong Bao Media, have developed a wonderful service for you – they will audit your sustainability program and communication for vulnerabilities and provide you direction on how to correct your deficiencies, saving you potential embarrassment. 

“This course offering is best compared to a corporate sustainability “hackathon”; we find the vulnerabilities in the sustainability efforts and communications to save you from embarrassing and potentially costly allegations of greenwashing”, noted Robert van Zwieten, Before3020, Inc.’s fractional COO/CFO, and a Board member of Hong Bao Media.

If you are starting today, clearly it is better for your brand and more cost-effective to become certified under a globally-respected program.  This PPP gives you direction on what kind of a program to seek.  But, if you already have a self-made program and recognize it might expose you, this ‘sustainability hackathon’ by Before3020 Inc and Hog Bao Media is a great way forward.

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